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Steve's Fresh Orange

About me

a ragbag of incidence

This story about the discovery of early gay activism pleases me. In other news, my grand aunt passed away last night, at the age of eighty five. She was the last person I knew from my mother's side of the family of that generation. In a strange instance of synchronicity, I dug up these photographs this morning, because I remembered that it had a picture of my grandmother (the taller one on the left) who was quite a well known actress and singer in her day.

Btw, thank you all of you who took the time out to think of and say lovely things about me--made me feel all warm inside. Bought Gaiman's Brief Lives and an unashamedly geeky book about paintings on barges from the library for 60p today, very pleasing. And speaking of pleasing shiny things to do with books...


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