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Steve's Fresh Orange

About me

I really, really fucking hate BT.

The company is a total joke when you try to contact them.

I have the misfortune of placing a business order for work and a home order for a landline, both of which they have fucked-up. The problem is trying to contact them to sort it out. I have given up telephoning them after going through 6 automated menus and then queuing for over 35 minutes. I tried another line for problems making a payment and lo and behold - I get through straight away, only for a heavily accented Asian in their overseas call center to transfer me back to the neverending queue.

The only reason I want to be with BT is because I can get a very good deal on 6mB ADSL, TV and telephone services though Sky (currently I am with Virgin/NTL and I am paying over the odds for even their basic services). The problem is, I need a BT line, and their incompetence is going to mean I either stick with NTL or go without.

I really was looking forward to cheaper bills and a better service with Sky, however itís going to have to all stop as I cannot get past the hurdle of having a BT line installed, even though as soon as I get it all the billing (including the line rental) will go straight to Sky.

NTL 2Mb broadband is shite and 4mB is not good enough either, however I canít justify the cost of upgrading to 20Mb for ?37 a month. when I could be paying just ?5 a month for 8Mb ADSL (realistically 6Mb after a line test) with Sky.

Basically for Full TV Channels, including premium sports and movies, Broadband and telephone services with Sky would cost ?59 per month

The equivalent with NTL/Virgin (albeit with faster broadband) is ?20 a month more


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